D.C Shawarma in the Shilin Night Market. The Shilin Night Market is a night market in the Shilin District of Taipei City, Taiwan. It is the largest and most famous night market in the city.



To get there by the MRT, you must take the Danshui Line(Red Line) to the Jiantan Station, not the Shilin Station. Like most night markets in Taiwan, the local businesses and vendors begin opening around 4 P.M. as students begin returning home from school, crowds reach their peak between 6 and 11 P.M. Businesses continue operating well past midnight and close around 1 to 2 A.M. 


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Address:No.37, Siaodong St., Shihlin Dist., Taipei City(台北市士林區小東街37號)

Business Hours:11:30~21:30(14:00~16:00 Noon break)

Telephone number:0918-878-874




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